Welcome to mitaka city!

Access to the Mitaka City Tourism Association (in English)

There are three ways to walk to the Mitaka City Tourism Association from the Mitaka Station. Please feel free to utilize these routes for your convenience. 

Routes to Mitaka City Tourism Association (through the stairs):

1. Follow the signs for the South Exit from the Mitaka station.

2. Go straight to the pedestrian deck of the payphones.

3. Turn left with a payphones as a landmark. (When you see the payphenes on you left,turn left.)

4. Go straight toward "Seven-Eleven".

5. Go dawn the stairs.

6. Once reaching downstairs, the Mitaka City Tourism Association will be on the right hand side.

How to walk to Mitaka City Tourism Association (taking the escalators):

Below is a recommended route in case of rain, as there will be rooftops that will lead to the Mitaka City Tourism Association.

1. Follow the signs for the South Exit from the Mitaka Station.

2. Following the roof and make a slight left, there is a ramp. 

3. Once reaching the end of the rails, make a left to go down the escalator. 

4. Once reaching the bottom of the escalator, keep straight.

5. The Mitaka City Tourism Association will be on the right hand side.

How to walk to Mitaka City Tourism Association (taking the elevator):

If you are using a wheelchair or stroller, please use the elevator.

1. Follow the signs for the South Exit from the Mitaka Station.

2. Turn left at the post, you will see the elevator.

3. Take the elevator. When the elevator arrives First floor, the door on the opposite side will open.

4. Get off the elevator, keep going straight. Cross the pedestrian crossing beyond the taxi stop.

5. You will see Tamagawa Josui Canal on your left side, keep going straight. Cross the pedestrian crossing beyond the designated smoking areas, There is the Mitaka City Tourism Association.


Welcom to Mitaka city!

I’m so happy you’ve come all the way to Mitaka.  If you let me be your guide, I can show you all kinds of fun places to hang out and interesting things to do — or just relax! Can I be your guide? Please…? I’d love to?  Great!!! Let’s go, meet my friends and neighbors!
Oh wait — I’ve forgotten to introduce myself! My name is Takajō, which sounds like “Mitaka,” but I’ll tell you about that later.

■So, let me tell you about Mitaka.

The word  “Mitaka” comes from “mi” (三) which means “three” , and “taka”(鷹) “falcon.”  Back in the Edo period, when the samurai ruled Japan, the shogun family practiced falconry hunting (takagari, 鷹狩) in this area—and the area where falconry is practiced is called takaba (鷹場).  Since there were three takaba, the area was eventually called Mitaka (three places for falconry.)
Just imagine! The shogun, surrounded by his many followers, practiced takagari right here where you’re standing!

■So, remember my name, takajō?

A takajō is a falcon trainer. See? I have a falcon with me right here.

GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA / Ticket Information

Entrance to the GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket which specifies the appointed date and time of the reservation. Please check the website of the GHIBLI MUSEUM,MITAKA for details.

GHIBLI MUSEUM,MITAKA Official Website「Tickets

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available in Mitaka City. For details, please see the Mitaka City Hall website.

Mitaka FREE Wi-Fi

We provide free Wi-Fi service "Mitaka FREE Wi-Fi".

Mitaka Walking Map

The original map introducing attractive Places of Mitaka handed out for free at Mitaka Tourism Association.
Please install "Meene! mitaka" application on your phone, select the language (you can choose from Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean), you can listen to the explanation of tourist attractions on the map.

Meene! mitaka


Access for the Airport by Airport Limousine bus

Airport Limousine buses to both Haneda Airport and Narita Airport depart from Kichijoji Station.
※There is the information desk of the Odakyu bus at the Mitaka Station south exit.

Haneda Airport

No reservation accepted.
Ticket prices :  Adults ¥1,300Children ¥650
The time required : 54-84 minutes
Where to buy your ticket: Driver Service. Please pay as you enter.

Narita Airport

Suspended for the time being. Please check the website for more details.

Please get a ticket before departure.
Ticket prices :  Adult ¥3,150Children ¥1,580
The time required : 85-125 minutes
Phone : Odakyu Bus Reservation center (03-3428-5331) 10:00-17:00
Where to buy your ticket : Information desk of the Odakyu Bus at the Mitaka Station south exit.


Cash withdrawal

【Around Mitaka Station】


Bank cards and credit cards of most overseas banks are usable at JP BANK located at the Post Office or at SEVEN BANK in the Seven Eleven in Japan.

Please note that  some cards may be unusable and card-issuer may apply a service fee.

Currency Exchange Locations

【Around Mitaka Station】

Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ

(0422-47-3101)  Hours: 9:00-15:00(Weekdays only)
Can exchange: American Dollar / Euro

Mizuho Bank

(0422-43-2171) Hours: 10:00-15:00 (Weekdays only)
Can exchange: American Dollar


【Around Kichijoji Station】

World Currency Shop

(2F East Bldg. atre' Kichijoji East Exit of JR Kichijoji Sta.)
(0422-22-2259) Hours:  10:00-18:00 (Open every day)

Map of the foreign language

Here’s a map of Mitaka so you can find your way around.  Do you like anime? You do! Great! It helps you find the way to the Ghibli Museum and how to buy tickets for the Ghibli. Everything you need is right here, including international ATMs, free Wi-Fi spots, currency exchange, internet cafes,coffee shops and hotels—even the website of the Tourism Association!

Basic Information & Café

英語マップPDF(English Map)




和食英語マップPDF(English Map / Japanese-style food)




おもてなしマップ(English Map)

Let's wander around Mitaka!

三鷹周辺でさまよおう!表(English Map)

三鷹周辺でさまよおう!裏(English Map)


【Some facts about Mitaka City】

Mitaka City is located just about the center of Tokyo. Because of its breathtaking natural surroundings and many parks, Mitaka has quickly grown in size and become one of Tokyo’s famous commuter towns and also boasted a strong cultural atmosphere with literary museums, university, astronomical observatory, and even a marine technology laboratory.  (Mitaka also happens to be a best kept secret place where you can enjoy shopping in friendly shops and eating at cozy restaurants.)

【Tamagawa Josui Canal】

If you walk toward the Ghibli museum from Mitaka station, you will see Tamagawa Josui Canal on the left. About 360 years ago, the Shogun ordered the creation of the canal in order to supply drinking water to Edo (the old name for Tokyo.) Its entire 43 km length is said to have been completed in less than a year. The beautiful canal’s natural surroundings have been preserved till this day.